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Current times

Nowadays, it is advisable for a company to have an on-line sales system.

The way to success is to design a profitable online store.

Sthe online store must be functional. There is a high probability that the goods or services we will offer will be sold online. Today's times are favorable for online sales. Mobility must be a very important feature of stores. More and more purchases are made from a mobile phone. However, the appearance alone is not enough. The store must be equipped with appropriate positioning and marketing tools. The most famous tools are: Google Analytics and Google Searche Console. These are two very good tools and free of charge.

Google provides basic SEO tools for websites and online stores.

These are free tools made by Google. Each site should be linked to them. It is recommended and trustworthy. There are many other, very important positioning tools to appear on the web. The most popular form is advertising on Facebook and advertising on Google. The market offers free programs and paid solutions. There are questions about how to use free and paid software. And whether to use the services of freelancers or marketing agencies.


Finding the right contractor is quite difficult. It is connected with an in-depth analysis of contractors. This is very important in the context of long-term cooperation. It's best to choose a freelancer or agency with an extensive portfolio. One of the best solutions is to check out the portfolio. And with the offer and what the freelancer or marketing agency specializes in. Then we have to independently assess their quality according to our own needs. The next step is to sign the contract in line with your expectations. There should be options in the contract to choose from.


Types of stores

Arranging the store with products is a very important and essential matter. Each product should have a visible price and description. Assigning the appropriate category is also important for users and Google robots. At this point, it is a matter of deciding which type of online store to choose. In other words, what is the usage solution to have. There are three main types of stores. The first is a paid one with a monthly subscription and technical support. The second is a shop dedicated to the customer. The third is a free-of-charge store with hosting.


Below I present the entire process

An online store will be created for you!

Writing a plan

Planning is nothing more than writing out exactly what the store should contain and what functions to sell. You have to think it over carefully and discuss it with the band or with someone who is familiar with the subject.

Choosing design

The logo and colors should refer to the product or the industry it will present. In this aspect, it is worth reviewing the pages of competitors. Choosing the most optimal page layout is half the success.

The Contractor

When choosing your store contractor, it is worth presenting your plan along with a vision of the store's appearance. A specialist will certainly be able to advise and "tweak" and adjust the customer's vision to the realities of creating an online store..


For your convenience, you can use the hosting that is usually offered by the store's contractor. If not, it is worth searching the current offers on the market for hosting your store.