§ 1 Introductory provisions

1. All services offered on the website are provided by the Websiteok company All prices are gross amounts.

2. The purchase confirmation in Websiteok is an invoice without VAT because I am not a VAT taxpayer, which I issue after receiving the payment.

§ 2 Order fulfillment

1. We implement the projects of websites and online stores after the customer has provided the necessary materials and an advance payment of 50% of the final price of the ordered project. The standard implementation time for a website or online store is about 10 business days. Additional changes introduced at the customer's request extend the delivery time to a maximum of another 30 days.

2. Changes to the websites are accepted via e-mail at:

3. The purchase of a website or store design entitles the customer to free changes to the content of the website after its completion, up to 30 days from the date of placing the website design on the Internet, but not more than three corrections. Changes ordered after 30 days from the publication of the website on the Internet are made after the customer pays an additional fee, the amount of which depends on the amount of work necessary to make additional changes. The fee is for one working hour50€.

4. All photos, videos and audio files used for website design are purchased from multimedia banks or are provided to us by the customer. The license for multimedia purchased in banks entitles us to their multiple use in projects in a commercial manner and their archiving. The customer cannot use photos from the purchased projects for his own realizations.

5. FThe company Websiteok reserves the right to accept and refuse an order without giving reasons.

6. If the completed website design is not paid within 30 days of publication on the Internet, we block the website and insert a payment information in its place. We will delete the information provided after posting the outstanding payment for the work performed. Until the overdue payments are settled, e-mail accounts in the domain name of the unpaid page are also blocked. We are not responsible for losses resulting from a blocked website or e-mail accounts. Please make your payment on time.

§ 3 Prices and Payment

1. The current price list of services provided by Websiteok is available at: index.htmlcennik/.

2. For website designs, we provide free space on the server for one year, which is provided by an external service provider. The price of extending an account on the server for another year is 70€.

3. After the implementation of the ordered services has commenced, it is not possible to return the advance payment for the performance of the future service. If part of the work on the website or online store has already been done and the customer resigns from our services, the down payment is forfeited towards the work already done.

4. In a situation where the proposed graphic design of the website or online store does not meet the individual taste of the client, the client has the right to request a new graphic design, informing us in more detail about his expectations. If the second graphic design also does not meet the client's expectations, he can purchase a new design by making a new payment from the portal that sells ready-made designs.

5. If the logo design proposals do not suit the customer's taste, he can purchase another logo design and specify his requirements in more detail.

6. Search engine optimization is an up-front service. For positioning, we do not guarantee that the positioned website will be higher in Google search results (on the phrase agreed with the client) than before positioning. We do not take responsibility for any interference from the client beyond our knowledge of online ranking. When the website is higher in the Google search results than before positioning, the service is considered to be properly performed. The stated planned positioning effects are only forecast effects and do not constitute a part of the contract.

7. After the VAT invoice completing the project for the service provided, it is tantamount to full acceptance of the service provided.

§ 4 Intellectual property

1. By sending materials to us, the client agrees to their use in the design of the website or other services ordered, as well as their archiving for possible future changes in the design. By sending us materials for the website design, the client declares that he has the right to use and publish them on the Internet on his own domain.

2. By providing company data for the purpose of issuing an invoice, the customer also agrees to include the data in the accounting software. By choosing our services, the customer agrees to send invoices electronically (via e-mail).

3. The Websiteok company may refuse to publish on the Internet content suspected of infringing copyright by the client. If on the client side (installed on our server) content that violates copyright or does not comply with Irish, Polish and international law is detected and reported, we can block or delete the content provided without the customer's consent, informing him only after removing it. The Websiteok company is not responsible for the content on the customer's websites for which the customer has no copyrights or rights to publish on the Internet..

4. Graphic designs on websites are protected by copyright. Pursuant to the Act, they constitute a work within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights and are subject to protection. The basis for enforcing claims for unlawful use of materials from other websites are the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of February 4, 1994 and the Act on Combating Unfair Competition of April 16, 1993. In the event of unlawful use of graphics designed by Websiteok on other websites, we reserve the right to notify law enforcement agencies and initiate procedures to obtain compensation for copyright infringement.

§ 5 Other

1. Using and purchasing services offered on the website is tantamount to knowing and accepting these regulations. We reserve the right to make changes to the content of the regulations by publishing new regulations on the website. The current regulations are available at

2. Websiteok is not responsible for interruptions in the operation of external service providers' servers, and errors in their operation resulting from other technical problems. By setting up accounts on our server, the customer may use them on the basis of placing a page there for the purpose of displaying it on the Internet, but the administrator is Websiteok, and the customer does not have direct access to the account on the server. For server security reasons, it is not possible to install applications, pages and scripts provided by other companies.

3. We note that due to technical reasons we are not responsible for losses resulting from incorrect operation of the CMS system. In a situation where the CMS system works improperly, its restoration is possible only to the state from the moment of putting into use (completion of the project) with the obligatory update to the latest version. In this situation, it is up to the client to restore the changes made by the CMS system, i.e. inserting the content of the page.

4. The customer ordering a website with the installation of the CMS system, who decides to maintain the website on our servers, agrees to perform free CMS updates on his website. The updates are aimed at improving the security and functioning of the CMS. Updates are mandatory. After performing a collective update of the CMS system for all pages on our servers, a message will appear on the website, where the customer will be asked to check the correctness of the display and operation of the website. It is the customer's responsibility to check the correct display and operation of the website. Please report any errors by e-mail: - they will be fixed within 48 hours.

5. By ordering the website design, the client agrees to include in the website design a small information (with an active hyperlink to our website) that the website has been designed by our company. The inscription will be placed in the footer (bottom) of the page for information purposes.

6. The customer using the services offered by Websiteok and providing the e-mail address for correspondence by electronic means, agrees to send messages containing information about possible changes in the method of providing services and other newsletters. If the customer does not agree to be informed about the above-mentioned events, he should notify us by sending such information to Then messages to the given client will not be sent.

7. In case of detection of a virus on a website with a CMS system that is installed on our server, we reserve the right to immediately delete the website completely.

8. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided on the website is up-to-date. We are not responsible for any errors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.